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Your Place in the Sun ( or Fog )

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Many tourists and vacationers come to California in search of sun both in the mountains, in wine country and at the beach. There are some, however, who come in search of the cool fog that pervades our coast during the summer months. When you live in a climate where the average daily temperature runs 100 degrees plus daily and 90% humidity a 60 degree day with 50 to 60 percent humidity sounds pretty good.

Our little section of coastline affords both, so, if you want your cake and would like to eat it too then here is where you should be. The summer months in Carmel, Pebble Beach and the Carmel Highlands are known for the foggy mornings and cool days while a few minutes east or south you will find as much sun as you want. The morning fog usually burns off around 11:00am to noon on the coast but you will find sunny mornings to east in Carmel Valley.

So rise in the cool of the morning mist and have a leisurely breakfast and decide wether you want to take a walk on the fog shrouded beach or hop in your car and head to the wine tasting rooms and fine restaurants of Carmel Valley. Or you could opt for a combination of both by heading south to the stunning coastline of Big Sur where you will travel in and out of the fog that clings to the steep cliffs and lunch at such legendary spots as Ventana, the Post Ranch Inn or Nepenthe where each feature outside dining on their sunny patios with jaw dropping views of the coast.

So, whatever climatic idiosyncrasys you can have your cake and eat it too!