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March, 2016

Good Afternoon Andy:

As you know, you and I have worked together for some time now, as you have managed the Carmel property. I thoroughly appreciate the professionalism with which you have approached this very difficult task. There is no question that you have made my position as trustee much easier, and almost enjoyable at times. I take the time now to communicate my appreciation. As you know, we have had a very difficult time with this property during the last several months, to include water damage to the property, the repairs thereof and the insurance claims; repairs to the deck and drainage; and the difficulties in making a change in CPA’s where we had a very difficult time getting the billing for services paid, as a result of the account names and addresses not being changed. I specifically recall one very difficult situation where I was not readily available, and Comcast and PG&E were threatening to shut-off service to the property, while a guest was in the property. You were able to handle the situation by contacting me, conferencing with the providers, and getting the situations resolved based on your long standing fine reputation in the community. After those instances, I told you how much I appreciate your professionalism and dedication to doing whatever needs to be done to take care of your clients.

That said, I have never taken the time to write and express my gratitude and appreciation of you. I seek to rectify that oversight.

You are the best!

With warm regards,